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Welcome to Coral Gables

Hotel Colonnade celebrates the history of travel and the luxury of exploring a new destination in style while offering an intimate, celebratory experience in the heart of Coral Gables, also known as the City Beautiful within Miami. Spirited travelers, adventure-seekers and work-hard-play harder road warriors will create memories not soon forgotten.

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Our elegant sleeping rooms feature wood floors and contemporary stainless steel pedestal beds, complimented by sleek sectional sofas and intricate bronze and smoked glass desks. Sexy, chic and layered, our rooms are elegantly modern and approachably luxurious.


Inspiring spaces with offerings inspired by Miami’s international culture and made with the freshest ingredients sourced from local partners. Inviting enclaves beckon with enticing signature cocktails and old favorites.


Drenched in natural light, our luxurious venues range from elegantly grand ballrooms to romantically intimate salons.


Make your special day a glamorous affair and say "I do" under dramatic Murano glass chandeliers in our rotunda or in one of our elegant event spaces


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Stay for Breakfast

Start the day right with a hot breakfast for two at Aragon Cafe every day of your stay, when you book this offer.

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Connect and Indulge

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Summer to the Rescue

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Let’s Celebrate Package

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Suite Holidays at Hotel Colonnade

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More is Less

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