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How to party like a local 

Everyone in Miami can agree: Our reputation for the best parties is well-earned. That’s because we can turn any event—whether a mid-day break, general session, or corporate retreat—into an unforgettable fiesta. 

Our phenomenal entertainment options have a lot to do with it. We reached out to our friends at Cream of the Crop Events, the ultimate event experience-makers in Florida, for their favorite Miami entertainment ideas. 

Here are their top 8 picks to thrill your guests and keep the party and fun rockin’ all night long.

1. Latin American dancers

Turn your event into an epic Latin dance party! A visual feast of extravagant costumes and energetic drum beats bring the revelry of Latin America. After a hypnotic performance, the dancers will pull your guests to their feet for a spirited party on the dance floor.

2. Hand-painted fedora station

Make your mark and design your own Cuban fedora. A breezy hat perfect for the Florida’s sun-splashed days, fedoras are a true emblem to Miami style. Your guests will walk away with one personalized just for them. 

3. Brazilian Capoeira Dance Performance 

Get ready for a spectacular showcase of martial arts and dance, complete with acrobatic stunts and explosive drumming. The performers use power and speed to execute complex maneuvers, kicks and spins. Warning: Your audience’s jaws will drop. 

4. Glamorous Greeter

Greeters clad in gorgeous costumes are fantastic for photo opportunities and passing welcome drinks. Adding in brief choreographed numbers in-between mingling with guests adds a dash of surprise and cements those moments in guests’ memories.                  

5. Human Hula Hoop

The twirls. The flips. The gravity-defying grace. Wow your guests with this cirque-like showcase performed on an electrifying LED dance floor (can be used on any existing floor, as well).

6. LED Dancers

Light up the party—and the after party—with these dazzling LED dancers. They’re the key ingredient to an incredible night on the dance floor.

7. Latin Band

From exotic salsa to carnival samba, classic Latin Pop to soulful rumba and bolero—blow guests away with some of the most exciting and exotic musical cultures on the planet. Your guests won’t be able to sit still.

8. Master Cigar Roller

An artful experience and local keepsake, all in one. Witness as our master Cuban cigar crafters carefully select, blend, and bunch tobacco leaves, then artfully roll the cigar by hand. A mesmerizing experience that showcases the precision and artistry behind every Cuban cigar.

Fun branding tip: Customize the cigar labels with your own logo.

Want more fun-packed entertainment ideas for your next event? Reach out to Hotel Colonnade’s event team  or Cream of the Crop Events.


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